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This new book traces the rise and downfall of Australian cult leader William Kamm, who has been regarded by his followers throughout the world as a prophet during the past 25 years. The Little Pebble appointed himself chief of a global network of seers and claims he will be the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. His life and leadership of his sect - the Order of Saint Charbel, based near Nowra on the NSW south coast - is exposed in an unauthorised biography, which is available through this website. More details: Home

Two former cult members sent the following letter

to William Kamm in jail on 13 August 2012


It is with a very heavy heart that we write this letter, but with the grace of God and our beloved Heavenly Mother, this is the Letter of Truth we wanted to write a long time ago, and it will go to everyone in the Order of St Charbel, and further, if it has to be. Heaven will let us know who the recipients of this letter will be!

The truth has to be told now!!! There is no way around anymore! The lies and the secrets have to stop! Once and for all! No man is greater than God. But for many people around the world, it seems that you are trying to make yourself bigger than any human being! Not only that, you belittle the Commandments of God, how you like it! That is not a Prophet’s work!

What you did with [seer’s name with-held] is absolutely appalling! It was a Private Message!!! Do you know what that means at all??? Throw it in the bin if you do not agree with it, but do not scandalise God's Word, and trample on it! If you think this is a wrong Message, then that is your opinion! Stop putting your opinion constantly on everyone else! Your time of manipulation is over!

My husband and myself do not think that this was a wrong Message!!!! Because every word in there is since a long time in our hearts! And, she is only the tool! Where is the fear of God here???

You never knew what privacy meant, except for your own advantage! Our trust was miss-used in a big way! But let me begin 25 years ago!

My husband and myself were very touched when [names of friends with-held] introduced you to us, and we were happy every time we were allowed to help with the preparations for the prayer meetings in [place name with-held]! Then you wanted to come to our flat, and I could not believe that did happen! Joy mixed with gratefulness that a Prophet was in our humble home, stayed in my heart for a long time! … [Details with-held regarding a teenaged daughter who was later called to be one of Kamm’s many “mystical wives” to bear him so-called miracle children.  The "Royal House of David"  was Kamm’s ingenious regime of so-called spiritual, non-sexual marriages with girls and young women from his bogus religious Order who were supposedly divinely chosen as his “queens and princesses” – some of whom were groomed into sexual relations, even as under-aged girls and married women.]

When [daughter’s name with-held] became pregnant … [details with-held] … you apparently received a Message, and my husband and myself should pray, you said, until the Message was finished. I still feel the shock when we heard the Message, because the threats in there was just horrific; “if [daughter’s name with-held] would not do as told by you - she would lose her baby, or even die”!  What a cruel person are you, to tell a first-time pregnant young woman such things?!

Because that is NOT from God! But that was just the beginning of a long list of threatening letters she received, every time she did not do according to your will and wishes! …[details with-held] … Our daughter was 18 years old at that time, and had no idea what was going on; she thought she was married to you, and Heaven wants this from her! Because we all grew up with respect for a “holy man”! If we only knew “how unholy” you really were and still are! And the promises you gave us, that we could live a religious life in your community; so we all thought you were sent to us! We could not be more wrong! ... [details with-held] It took us a long time to see through your manipulations! Because you are so good with words, overturning every doubt! … [details with-held]

When you first began to receive Messages for the Royal House of David (RHD), we thought “ok, everything is still ok, and that it is such a big grace”! You even showed me the letter, where Our Holy Mother speaks about the spiritual way of conceiving, and we were so happy and grateful about this enormous grace! Then we had to find out about the physical way, and I tried to tell you, “You need to do what Heaven wants”! Your reply simply was: “the girls want it, and that's it”! Hiding your sick desire behind the girls is just making me nauseous even today! I know, at that time, we still believed you, because you constructed the whole plan, very cunningly! We thought it can't be wrong, when there were so-called “Mothers of the RHD” who were looking after the girls, and we still loved you, and were going along with it!

Then, you called a meeting in the chapel, and shamed some of the girls with names about their “sins”!, including, our daughter. I had read the books of Maria Valtorta and wondered “why are you doing things like that”! Our Lord would never do that!!! He never shamed a sinner by name in public. He told his apostles to pray for a sinner - they don't need to know who it is! After that incident, you came to us and said, full of pride: “I am fighting with God”! I was sitting at the table and thought, “wow, that can't be right! We are just humans, we can't fight with God!”

But you could not stop, time after time, to tell us how you would fight with God! How often you said to us, that if [daughter’s name with-held] is not more obedient, then she will die and our second daughter will take her place! I can't count it anymore, or that [another young “queen”, name with-held] will take the place of [(our) eldest daughter, name with-held].

One day you told us that God suspended his law for you! We should have woken up then already, but you knew how to talk, and we were silent again! As long as you were in the community, every thought, every doubt was silenced with your actions, your words and your cunningness! Only now, we know what brainwashing means!

All these years, you trampled on the 10 commandments, “they are not for you because God suspended them for you”. NO, NO, NO!!! Since years, you allowed the Evil One to use you as his toy!!!

The Message from Thornbush about you having the perfect contrition, that you can never be wrong, and so on, can't be right all along! Why does the Pope still go to daily confession? Are you higher than the Pope? I do not think so! Even if you wish! And he is the Pope! Every human being sins at least seven times a day, Our Lord said it in the Bible! Except you want to make your own commandments! And they are not valued!

How dare you disregard God’s commandments and sacraments. Marriage is a sacrament, and you think you can destroy that? How many married woman have children with you besides the two very known ones???? Families who left, because you could not leave their wives or daughters alone!!!!

We are ashamed to have been part of this cult (which should be an Order) for such a long time!

Only after you were sent to jail, we found out that you even could not take your hands off the girls. [details with-held about accusations that Kamm sexually interfered with two under-aged sisters, one aged as young as 11] ... The girls were too ashamed to tell at the time, because you were this holy man, the prophet! ... you invited the two sisters of [name with-held] into your bed. How crazy is that??? Totally unnatural in our eyes!

Every time we visited you in jail, you could not stop talking about your justice! And every time we told you that you should leave it to God; no, you never listened, and told me on the phone not to talk with my daughters! Do you ever think how many families you destroyed, people you ruined, even making them question their faith???

You never allowed anyone to have their own mind, because if they came up with a new idea, or suggestion, it was always wrong, because it did not come from you! How can a so-called “prophet” judge people from hearsay of only one side??? You have to hear both sides, and then make a decision! But you never did! We had to come to you and defend ourselves with the truth many times, and then you were mostly silent! Not ever did we hear you say “sorry”! We all said more than once “sorry” to you! You live on assumption, listening to only one side of the argument and that was enough for you to judge the person because it was to your advantage.

Total control, lies, secrets, manipulations, pornography, sex toys, more lies; all these things were revealed to us. You did not allow me to talk with my kids, but I did anyway, and found out all this disgusting stuff. Your desperate phone calls: “Do not talk with your girls!” Me, Me, Me … that is what screams out of every letter from you, and every phone call!

What does the sacrament of marriage mean to you? Nothing! Because only the thought - that God would change his law for you - gives me shivers! “You should not covet your neighbour’s wife”! That is valued for any normal person, but not for The Little Pebble!!! … [Details with-held regarding grooming of girls]

But with time, we found out the truth, because more and more people saw your wrong actions with everything! A real prophet would not even question God’s commands, but The Little Pebble did! You made your own rules, and twisted and ignored every commandment of God! Since when do 11 and 12-year-old girls need to know about sex??? Taking their childhood away, their innocence!

Our generation grew up without knowing this stuff at that age, it was enough to find out when we were 15 or 16 or even older! How dare you doubt some mothers, that this was the truth! Not everyone has such a dirty mind like you! … [details with-held].

And when the babies were born, you did not want to be on the birth certificates!!! Even one of our daughters fought very hard with you concerning this matter. But you are not a man of your word, because if you would have been a true prophet, you would not have a problem with that! Even the cult leaders around the world do not deny their children! You deceived one of the mothers with this, so she had big trouble with Centrelink! You are the father of how many children???? Only cowards act like that! You are the one who betrayed Centrelink on that!!!

Our youngest daughter said something very profound last week: “The greatest treasure of a woman is her virginity in God’s eyes! Why did so many martyrs of the old times rather die, than lose their virginity? And Our Lord said it often enough, in Messages and especially Maria Valtorta books! He did change this for you??? I don't think so! The 6th Commandment is still valued for the Catholic Church, and so for you too!

Our family now know that you have fathered many other children with other women including married women. God is truth, and the time for the truth is now! Your whole Order is nothing but a scam! [details with-held].

Where is the money gone, that was given in donations for Our Lady's Mission??? The community at Nowra looks like a dump, unorderly, and dirty - like their leader!

All the plans you had vanished, when you saw how much donations were coming in! The shops you ruined with taking constantly money out for your own purpose beginning with Queensland, Ulladulla, North Nowra, Cambewarra and then Bomaderry. You told [name with-held] that you put $5,000 in the account, so he thought he can fill up the shelves .Until you needed $5,000 the next day for something else, so he had to start with $0!!! How can a business flourish with $0???

Your manipulating ways, putting family members against each other, friends against each other, and so on; as long as your “secrets” did not come out! Guess what, they are out now! Finally we can see that you were really two-faced!

Veronica Lueken sent you away, when they found out that you touched some girls in her house! I am in touch with one of her former workers, who remembers you very much, and your "antics", how he calls it! And I did not even search for him, we are in contact since a while for another mission of God!

The way you treated all the seers and visionaries, when they did not agree with you ... everyone is your best friend, as long as they agree with you. If they don't, and try to tell you the truth, they are getting ridiculed and scandalised! Like you did with Little Brother in Christ: “he betrayed me”. Funny enough, his Order is approved by Rome, in the Catholic Church!

And [names with-held], they tried so hard to tell you what is right and wrong with the RHD. You told us that they are off the rails and not with you anymore! This beautiful couple, who did everything for you!

All your fantasies are nothing! How dare you, to say Our Lady is your spouse! She is the spouse of the Holy Ghost and of St Josef, and he was the most pure man on earth at that time! That was the reason God made him Our Lord's foster father on earth! You should read more Maria Valtorta, because it is in there! His purity, you can't even reach in the slightest way.

You have a god complex in the highest ranks! Sorry, but that makes you not a prophet! We are only sorry that it took us such a long time to see who you really are! But now it is over! Hereby, [we] resign from this Order!

After your treatment of [seer’s name with-held], everyone needs to know the truth! And the ones who want to be blind, we will pray especially for them, to receive a special grace, because so many souls around the world are our friends and family, and we do not want them to be used any longer!

Finally we feel free, in the light of the truth, and we realise that you CAN NOT touch our faith after all! All these poor people who think they need to defend you have no idea what was going on! The lies, secrets and manipulations were so good that no one could see it!

Our Lord wishes unity, (especially in families) love and mercy! Especially now, in preparation before The Warning! But nothing of that is in you!

With this letter, we only touched the surface! It will be our daughters’ and the other girls’ story to tell, whenever they are ready! It goes so much deeper that it is frightening, how big you made your “kingdom”!

We know that you think you did nothing wrong, but if you ever accept the grace of humility, then hopefully you will wake up and can recognise your wrongdoing! That is what we pray for every day, whole-heartedly!

Good bye,

We pray for the mercy of God for you.

A reply was received from Kamm, who now uses
the name "William Costellia". His letter
(lightly edited for legal and privacy reasons) is as follows:

15 August 2012

I received your long letter, I was very shocked and hurt.

If you believe I am guilty of all those things, there is not much I can say which would make you think otherwise. I have always loved every member of the family so dear to my heart and if I have done wrong by all of you, I am deeply sorry and ask for your forgiveness as I have always believed I was doing God's work. I thank you for loving me and supporting me over all these years.

I am asking you for now not to do anything - remain where you are and please wait for The Warning to pass.

If I am in the wrong and God shows me that I have been wrong and committed all these sins over all these years, and God shows me this in The Warning, I promise you I will make a public confession to correct all.

Do not leave the community but wait, when I am free, and I will help you and all your children to be settled somewhere where you would like to live. 

Be assured the matter with [names with-held] has been closed and stopped. The matter of the DOCS [Department of Community Services] with [name with-held] did not come from me, it was caused because [name with-held] did not take the children to school.

I can no longer deal with all of this as I have been in prison for seven years - I have already lost everything anyway. I now am very ill and have cancer on my head and will be operated [on] soon, I am sure many people hope I will die and feel that I deserved that. But The Warning will tell the truth of everything.

The only thing I do not understand ... if you believe in [seer's name with-held] Message of May this year - which claimed I had fallen due to everything you have said in your letter - how can you explain her Messages of 2006, 2007, 2008 which said the oposite! (sic) And this was while I was in prison! And what of her Messages of 2003-4-5 etc which stated I was innocent and the girls betrayed the truth! And lastly, you believe strongly in Maria Divine Mercy Messages as I do - she believes in me as God's prophet, a Chosen Soul, how do you explain this.

Anyway, I know it is so difficult to understand things, my love remains for you and family. Pray for me please. Let The Warning come.

William Costellia.

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